Tamil Movie Box Office Predictions For May 2019

The Tamil box office has some really weird up downs that might come as a surprise to many people. Anyway, we kinda got an idea about what the numbers might be for the movies, releasing this month. So, here’s what the figures might look like,

100 Box Office Prediction

100” is an action focused Tamil film directed by Sam Anton. It was produced by Kaviya Venugopal. Atharvaa & Hansika Motwani are the lead cast here. A lot of action & a some touches of romance might just make the 100 full movie might just be a great option to watch this month. However, sometimes trying to do way too much, messes up with the story. Let’s hope that’s not going to be the case with 100.

Predicted Collection: 17-18 Cr

Releasing On: May 9

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